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视听详细信息 Dake?Traphagen?吉他音乐欣赏系列之四!
Hillary Field -1
Hillary Field -2
视听详细信息 Dake?Traphagen?吉他音乐欣赏系列之三!
Michael Partington -1
Michael Partington -2
Michael Partington -3
视听详细信息 Dake?Traphagen?吉他音乐欣赏系列之二!
jason vieaux -1
jason vieaux -2
jason vieaux -3
视听详细信息 Dake?Traphagen?吉他音乐欣赏系列之一!
return from fingal by Dake Guitar
Irish jigs by Dake Guitar
视听详细信息 Kevin?Aram?吉他音乐欣赏系列之三!
the night of christmas-J.bream
the nightingale- J. Bream
amelias will-J. bream
视听详细信息 Kevin?Aram?吉他音乐欣赏系列之二!
flow my tears-by Aram guitar
fragile-by Aram guitar
reflexoes no.3-by Aram guitar
duo concetant-by Aram guitar
petit suite mediavale-by Aram guitar
carmen-by Aram guitar
视听详细信息 Kevin?Aram?吉他音乐欣赏系列之一!?

el pano moruno-by Aram guitar
chanson de feu follet-by Aram guitar
baiaozinho-by Aram guitar
without tears-1-by Aram guitar
without tears-2-by Aram guitar
without tears-3-by Aram guitar
视听详细信息 Zbighiew?Gnatek?吉他音乐欣赏系列之二!?

Un Dia De Noviewber---By Leo Brouwer
视听详细信息 Zbighiew?Gnatek?吉他音乐欣赏系列之一!

Libra Sonatine---1.by Roland Dyens (b.1965)
Libra Sonatine---2.by Roland Dyens (b.1965)
Libra Sonatine---3.by Roland Dyens (b.1965)
视听详细信息 Graham?Caldersmith?吉他音乐欣赏系列之三!

The Arrival of The Queen of Sheba by G.F.Handel
Divertimento K136 by W.A.Mozart (1756-1791)
Hungarian Dance No.5 by J.Brahms (1833-1897)
视听详细信息 Graham?Caldersmith?吉他音乐欣赏系列之二!
Scaramouche by Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)
Pavane Pour Une infante defunte by Maurice Ravel
Eleanor Rigby by Paul McCartney (b.1942)
视听详细信息 Graham?Caldersmith?吉他音乐欣赏系列之一!
A Sky for Dreaming by Isaac Albeniz (186365bet收不到邮件_365bet到账快么_365bet怎么买三串一-19365bet收不到邮件_365bet到账快么_365bet怎么买三串一9)
Stairway to Heaven by George Gershwin (1898-1937)
I Got Rhythem Arr.Timothy Kain
视听详细信息 Hanika?吉他音乐欣赏

Die frosche (Khalil Gibran)
Was Tausendfubler und Spinne Uber die
Musik: toccata for a wild old lady (Peter Horton)
视听详细信息 Hanika?吉他音乐系列欣赏之二!
Mondschein-Bossa by Barbara Hennerfeind
aus:La Romanesca (1) by Fernando Sor/B.H.
Bossa-praludium by E.W.
Weibt du,wie es war...? by Frank Hiemenz
Danza mora by Trad./E.W.
视听详细信息 Hanika?吉他音乐欣赏系列之一!
Preludio by Antonio Lauro
Rumba-Flamenca by E.Weisenberger
Toccata by Peter Horton
Alla Cubana by Trad/Len Williams
Danza Mora by Trad . /E.Weisenberger